Common Name: dollar spot
Scientific Name: Sclerotinia homoeocarpa

On putting green turf, dollar spot appears as small spots, approximately the size of a dollar coin, that are bleached-white or light tan in color. On turf mowed at heights greater than 0.5”, the spots may expand in size up to 6” or more in diameter. The affected leaves typically remain upright and are characterized by having white or light-tan lesions with light reddish-brown margins. As the lesions expand, the leaves are girdled and the upper part of the leaves dies slowly. Distinct lesions are sometimes not evident on close-cut turfgrasses; instead, the leaves die back from the tip and turn white or light tan in color. The grass in the spots may be killed to the soil surface if the disease continues to develop, and many spots may merge to produce large blighted areas. Short, fuzzy white mycelium is often observed on affected turf in the morning when dew is present.
dollar spot white mycellium
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Characteristic Description
Host Turfgrass (23)all
Month(s) with symptomsFebruary to November
Stand Symptoms (15)spots, patches (4 to 12 inches)
Foliar Symptoms - Location/Shape (16)round leaf spots, leaf lesions
Foliar Symptoms - Color (17)tan or white
Root/Crown Symptomsnone
Fungal Signs (5)mycelium or none
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