Common Name: slime mold
Scientific Name: Myxomycetes spp.

Many small, round pustules are observed on the turfgrass leaves in small patches. The patches develop very quickly, usually overnight. The pustules may be purple, white, gray, yellow, or orange in color. The slime mold organisms do not infect the turf or cause direct harm, but they can cause mild yellowing of the leaves due to their shading effect. Slime molds are unsightly but are not considered harmful.
slime mold
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Characteristic Description
Host Turfgrassall
Month(s) with symptomsApril to September
Stand Symptoms (8)spots, patches (4 to 12 inches)
Foliar Symptoms - Location/Shape (3)no distinct leaf symptoms
Foliar Symptoms - Color (3)all
Root/Crown Symptomsnone
Fungal Signs (8)pustules
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