Common Name: white patch
Scientific Name: Melanotus phillipsii

White patch, also known as white blight, is primarily a disease of tall fescue in transition zone areas. The disease develops during periods of hot, humid weather and is most damaging to new plantings in the first year or two after establishment. Symptoms appear in white circles or patches up to 1 foot in diameter, and small white or tan mushrooms (about 1/4 inch in diameter) are produced directly on the blighted leaves. White patch is most damaging in tall fescue that is under-irrigated or deficient in nitrogen or other essential nutrients.
white patch in tall fescue
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Characteristic Description
Host Turfgrass (4)tall fescue
Month(s) with symptomsMay to September
Stand Symptoms (5)patches (4 inches to 3 feet)
Foliar Symptoms - Location/Shape (1)blighting of entire leaves
Foliar Symptoms - Color (2)white
Root/Crown Symptomsnone
Fungal Signs (3)mushrooms
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