Common Name: net blotch
Scientific Name: Drechslera dictyoides

Net blotch is a disease that occurs on tall fescue during cool, wet, and cloudy periods in the spring or early summer. Net blotch is a ‘Helminthosporium’ disease, which is a complex of diseases caused by fungi that produce large, cigar-shaped spores. Symptoms of net blotch appear as tiny, brown spots on the leaves. As the lesions expand, they become oval or square and coalesce to form a net-like pattern on the leaf. From a distance, net blotch appears as a general thinning of the turf stand that is yellow or brown in color.
net blotch leaf spots
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Characteristic Description
Host Turfgrasstall fescue
Month(s) with symptomsMarch to June, Sept to November
Stand Symptomsirregular distribution across turf stand
Foliar Symptoms - Location/Shape (3)angular leaf spot or oval leaf spot
Foliar Symptoms - Color (3)yellow, brown
Root/Crown Symptomsnone
Fungal Signsnone
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