Common Name: powdery mildew
Scientific Name: Blurmeria graminis

The symptoms of powdery mildew are typically most severe in heavily shaded areas. In the initial stages of disease development, a white or gray, powdery growth is evident on infected leaves. Heavily infected leaves turn yellow or red and die slowly. If left uncontrolled for several weeks, powdery mildew will cause significant thinning of the turf and may also increase its susceptibility to environmental stresses or other pests.
powdery mildew in Kentucky bluegrass
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Characteristic Description
Host Turfgrass (2)Kentucky bluegrass, fine fescue, perennial ryegrass
Month(s) with symptomsApril to September
Stand Symptomsirregular distribution across turf stand
Foliar Symptoms - Location/Shape (3)dieback from leaf tip, blighting of entire leaves, or no distinct leaf symptoms
Foliar Symptoms - Color (3)white
Root/Crown Symptomsnone
Fungal Signspowdery spore masses
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